Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers is a law firm with a practice focused exclusively to Personal Injury Litigation.

Our priority is making sure our clients are treated with respect and compassion while being fierce advocates to get fair compensation in matters of personal injury.

Beckett was founded as Ledroit Beckett in 1999 by Chris Beckett and Paul Ledroit. Today, Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers is comprised of four partners, Chris Beckett, Mary-Anne StrongRob Talach and Dallas Lee, assisted by eight lawyers and staff in our offices at 630 Richmond Street in London, Ontario. Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers are solely dedicated to litigating a wide variety of lawsuits for their clients in areas such as:

Since 1999, we have helped thousands of people and earned a reputation as fearless litigators and, as a result, have won the respect of judges, lawyers and our clients.

The majority of our clients, in fact, come from referrals from past clients or other lawyers in our community. We serve clients in London, St. Thomas, Sarnia, Chatham and Windsor for personal injury as well as throughout Canada in the specialized area of sexual abuse personal injury cases. We have obtained both significant settlements and trial judgments over the years, thereby confirming our reputation with results. The testimonials found throughout our website are real comments and thanks from clients whose lives we have helped improve by litigating their lawsuits successfully. We invite you to speak to us to determine how we might help you. There is no fee for a consultation. Parking is free and available in our building lot, located off Hyman St. at Richmond St. in London, Ontario.