At Beckett, we are dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse.

Statistics show that one in three women and one in six men have been victims of sexual abuse, most being abused while they were young. We recognize and understand the unique and significant challenges that victims of sexual abuse, particularly childhood abuse, endure. Likely you have not talked about it fully, even with those people closest to you. Sexual abuse that has happened decades ago in childhood can still be pursued, both criminally and civilly. Our compassionate and experienced lawyers will guide you through a process aimed not only at compensation, but also healing and justice.  If you or someone you care about is a victim of sexual abuse, please contact us for a free, private and confidential consultation of your rights.

As one of the premiere law firms specializing in assisting victims of sexual abuse in Canada, we have obtained noteworthy outcomes. In 2004, we achieved a trial judgment, which totaled almost $3,000,000.00, against the Diocese of London in a ground-breaking case involving three brothers who had been abused by their former priest (J.R.S. v. Glendinning). In 2009, we achieved the largest Canadian settlement for a victim of sexual abuse ($1.75 million). In 2011, in the case of K.M.M. v. The Roman Catholic Diocese of London, we obtained the largest trial award for a female victim of sexual abuse by clergy ($610,000). Most recently, in 2012, we achieved a substantial increase in the Court’s assessment of compensation granted in cases involving a single touch assault (D.M. v. W.W.), demonstrating that all forms of sexual abuse are significant and harmful to the victim. 

Beckett has acted for hundreds of other victims of sexual abuse in cases all over Ontario, as well as in the Maritimes, the West and even the far North. Outside of our work, on individual cases, we advocate for greater rights for victims and more efforts to combat sexual crimes, including submissions to both government and private organizations, as well as being an active presence in the news. We were the only law firm approved by the Ontario government as the representatives of the Victims Group at the Cornwall Public Inquiry, which examined institutional responses to allegations of historical sexual abuse in Cornwall. We also collaborate with various sexual assault centres and have supported their efforts. Ultimately, while Beckett does serve our numerous individual clients who were sexually abused, we also aim to make lasting changes in the legal system which will hopefully reduce or at least better address sexual crimes in  the future.

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